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Phoenix Arizona Real Estate   

  Arizona's capital Phoenix has grown to become one of the largest cities in the country. Who would of guessed that a city located in the Arizona desert would of grown to become one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country? Phoenix is located in the center of what is known as the Valley of the Sun. Phoenix spans from South Mountain through Paradise Valley in the north. In recent years there has been a community effort to breath life into the downtown area. There are ongoing plans to build new condos and lofts in the downtown vicinity. During the day, Phoenix's Copper Square is a bustling business area. The evenings in Phoenix are usually quiet in the downtown area. Sporting events do attract crowds to bars and restaurants around the sports complexes. Phoenix is the home of the Arizona Diamondback, the Suns, and the Coyotes. Sporting events attract fans from all over the valley. Alice Cooper's Town is a favorite restaurant before and after the games. Don't be surprised if you run into Alice personally. Employees of the famous 70's rocker are required to wear makeup similar to what the entertainer wore on stage. Select new lofts go for between 130K and 200K. Most likely you will need to put your name on a waiting list. These condos are in very high demand.

The Arizona Biltmore is another growing area. This area encompassed some of the most prized real estate in Arizona. Million dollar homes surround the Biltmore golf course. Here you'll have famous neighbors such as University of Phoenix founder, John Sperling. Condos located on the corner of 24th street and Camelback easily go for 1 million dollars. This is the preferred area for business professionals. Skyscrappers tower along these streets.

The area adjacent to the Phoenix Art Museum is getting much attention these days. Efforts have been made to restore this area. Homes close by the museum that were inexpensive a decade ago are now in high demand. Small two bedroom homes can go for as much as $400K. The close proximity to the downtown area is the main attraction for those who prefer a home rather then one of the new condominiums.

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