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Arizona Backpacking & Camping   


One of the most alluring factors Arizona has to offer is its beautiful mountainous terrain. The year long temperatures attract many folks who enjoy outdoor activities. Camping and backpacking are very popular activities in Arizona. The height of backpacking expeditions is of course the Grand Canyon, which brings thousands of camper, backpackers, and sightseers each year.

If you get the chance to explore Havasupie Falls, we strongly recommend that you do. Havasupie Indian Reservation is a segment of the Grand Canyon. This region is the only land in America that has always been controlled by its Native American habitants. It wasn't until the 1950's that the Native American's actually permitted a "white eye" entry to the region. It's no wonder why the Indian's fought so strongly to remain in Havasupie. This area is perhaps the most spectacular wonderland on the planet. Havasupie means "people of the blue-green water". We'll explain why later. In recent years, the Havaupie Indians have opened the area us to tourist. Tourists visit the falls on horseback, helicopter, or by backpacking. Backpacking takes a good 6 hours. We suggest renting a mule to carry some of your supplies. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and pack light. Many backpackers make the trip over night do to the cooler temperatures. Once you make onto the Canyon's floor, temperatures are much warmer. The first waterfall that you see will knock your socks off and you'll forget about the long hard hours you spend hiking. The water is blue-green in color do to the minerals in the water. Make your reservations early. The Indians only allows so many visitors at a time. Open camp fires are not permitted. Therefore, you will need to pack a small propane grill for boiling water.

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